MIS INTERBODY FUSION 2013: Competencies and Challenges

May 18, 2013
The Miami Anatomical Research Center
Miami, Florida

This one-day cadaveric course on minimally invasive spine surgery was a successful step towards learning-based education for MIS surgeons. Competencies Track focused on a step-by-step guide, used during and upon completion of the practical session to: reflect, self-evaluate, and discuss results and discrepancies. Faculty provided feedback to the peers, relating to SMISS learning objectives. The feedback was concrete, structured, constructive, and non-judgmental. Challenges Track focused on addressing common challenges which occur during these MIS procedures. Faculty received a list in advance of the participants' specific challenges during surgery, which were addressed during the lab. SMISS also introduced the Commitment to Change (CTC) concept to our attendees with the objective for the "learners" to transfer what they learned from our SMISS course back to their practice to improve clinical performance and patient care. We surveyed attendees and asked, "What will you now change?" Each listed several CTC statements and rated how committed they were to making each change. In 3-4 months, SMISS will conduct a follow-up interview to evaluate their progress of change, if any, and obstacles of implementing the change. This will be a valuable tool moving forward as SMISS perfects our educational programs