Vesselplasty in Difficult Vertebral Fractures

Presented at SMISS Annual Forum 2018
By Arvind Bhave
With Anand Kumar MBBS, Chor Ngee Tan MBBS,

Disclosures: Arvind Bhave None Anand Kumar MBBS None, Chor Ngee Tan MBBS None,


Vesselplasty is a novel procedure to treat osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. It finds its use in other conditions like pathological spine fractures due to malignancies- primary or secondaries in Spine.


To study the use of vesselplasty in difficult pathologic vertebral fractures.


The procedure consisting of an implant- ‘Vessel X’ which is inserted inside the affected vertebral body, under local anaesthesia. The implant is inflated by the bone filler material - usually the PMMA or similar cement.


[1] It achieves correction of vertebral height. [2] Interdigitation of the cementing material with the vertebral marrow. [3] A container which holds the Bone filler material & fills the void, causing the complications of cement leakage. Various indications with examples have been discussed in this paper for successful use of ‘Vesselplasty’ in multiple vertebral fractures. Commonest indications being osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, Fractures with posterior wall involvement, Avascular necrosis, secondaries in spine.


Vesselplasty using 'vessel x ' is safe MISS procedure in treatment of difficult pathological vertebral fractures with posterior vertebral void.