Spinejack: An Operative Management in Osteoporotic Fractures in Elderly Patients

Presented at SMISS Annual Forum 2018
By Ee Pee Su MD
With David Powell MD,

Disclosures: Ee Pee Su MD None David Powell MD None,


Ageing population number will increase as modern day life expectancy has prolonged thus leading to high incidences of osteoporosis. Risk factors include menopausal, chronic illnesses, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary intake. Osteoporotic compression fractures of spine are encountered on daily orthopedic practices. Conservative management is a common practice taking the patients’ age and general health condition into consideration. Often conservative management with brace immobilization does not give adequate pain management for underlying fracture condition. Often due to kyphotic deformity, braces tend to be poorly fitted thus causing noncompliance. Kyphoplasty with spinejack is a new method for minimally invasive fracture stabilization. With this implant, lesser cement is required on usage but yet at the same time able to give a good stabilization.


The Aim of study is to compare pre and post-operative radiological findings and also to assess the VAS score of patients who undergone Spinejack kyphoplasty.


This is a retrospective non-randomized clinical study. Study conduct in one center and performed by single surgeon from the year 2017-2018.8 patients had undergone this procedure. Radiological parameters of vertebral heights and kyphotic angles were compared pre and post operatively. Visual analog score pre and post operatively taken and analyzed. Technique uses image intensifier to identify level of stabilization required. Trocar is inserted and cement is delivered into body of vertebrae with usage of trocar. a small jack expanded within vertebrae body aim is to increase vertebrae height and for holding of cement in place.


In our small study, we have found that Spinejack is effective in giving a significant improvement to vertebral height of patients. Benefit of spine jack includes lesser cement usage thus preventing leakage of cement into spinal canal. Vertebral height increases. Kyphotic angle improved. Visual analog score improves. And early mobilization of patients from bed rest.


Spinejack is a good operative modality for elderly patient, it is a minimally invasive fracture stabilization method. Patients’ pain scores improve, thus patients is willing to ambulate early without pain.