Case Library

SMISS is pleased to provide its members with a library* of MISS cases. Each case includes patient history, physical exam, treatment options, actual treatment and outcome. The cases are each followed by an expert discussion.

As SMISS builds this valuable resource, don’t hesitate to contact if you have a case you’d like to submit.

*This library is in its earliest stages but will expand steadily in the coming months.

Recently Added Cases

Revision for 67-y/o with proximal and distal junctional kyphosis

Alex Whiting, MD, Juan Uribe, MD

A 67-year-old female presented with incapacitating back pain and severe sciatica pain.

Lumbar spinal deformity with neuroforaminal stenosis

Alex Whiting, MD, Juan Uribe, MD

3 year/o male with a history of severe back and leg pain.