Board Member Spotlight

Juan S. Uribe, MD, FAANS

Dr. Juan  S. Uribe, MD, FAANS, is a board certified neurosurgeon at the world-renowed Barrow Neurological Institute and Barrow Brain and Spine in Phoenix, AZ.  He completed double residency at Hospital Saint Vincente de Paul and the University of South Florida.  He also received fellowship training in spine surgery at the University of Miami and the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.  In additon to holding ten prestigious professional memberships, including board positions, he is actively involved in research.  His research interests include: anatomical, biomechanical, and clinic studies of applying minimally invasive spine surgery to complex traumatic injuries, tumors and degenerative diseases.  These vast experiences have fueled Dr. Uribe’s passion for treating patients with challenging spinal conditions.

Dr. Uribe serves on the SMISS Board as the President-Elect.